SUSOIX® SkateBoard Spike® Patented

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Never before has a land based stand up device produced such spectacularly high performance on a skateboard. Constructed of carbon fiber and weighting only 19 oz. with a carbide spike footing, which is sharpened daily in 30 seconds using a SUSOIX diamond file, a SkateBoard Spike flies up STAND UP climbs in all weather conditions plus allows for execution of the newly innovated one handed, one legged CXC / Cubi-X-Cross stroke. Available in three shaft/grip sizes and in lengths that will fit perfectly nose to ground ages 7+ to the tallest adults. The SkateBoard Spike is optimized and specially engineered for the sports of  Stand Up Spike and SpikeBoarding. SUSOIX manufactures The SkateBoard Spike. The company is dedicated to transport sports. Sports which both recreate and later serve as life long local transport.

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