What is SpikeBoarding?

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SpikeBoarding is full body endurance sport. SpikeBoarding is casual cross country skiing. SpikeBoarding is the sport of balanced strength. SpikeBoarding is core out your door. SpikeBoarding is superior strength and conditioning for all field sports. SpikeBoarding is activation of full body, strength, endurance plus bi lateral limb development while activating balance. SpikeBoarding is life long. […]

SUSOIX® SkateBoard Spike® Patented

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Never before has a land based stand up device produced such spectacularly high performance on a skateboard. Constructed of carbon fiber and weighting only 19 oz. with a carbide spike footing, which is sharpened daily in 30 seconds using a SUSOIX diamond file, a SkateBoard Spike flies up STAND UP climbs in all weather conditions […]